About the Maker

Shoe loving, but barefoot walking whenever I can help it

Tree hugging,
Cloud watching,
Essential oil burning,
Wholistic herb growing planning (one day when I can be still enough to talk to the babies),
Sage or Palo Santo or Sweet Grass or...
Smoke corner cleaning,
Fish out of water that finds my way to it whenever I get a chance

Yoga mat owning,
Watching Tao katas always promising to do them tomorrow,

Southern girl, "yes I'm so country y'all!"
Chameleon sentence finisher living in your body probably more than in mine
Hopeless romantic wandering around in darkness lit by ultraviolet light

I love making jewelry. I dabble in a few mediums when I have time. 

Almost as much as I love making jewelry, I also love learning about other cultures- past and present. I especially enjoy mythological studies, and you may see it reflected in my work.

Fun Facts About Me: 
- I started making jewelry in the year 2005.
- I later spent time working part-time at a local bead shop helping customers source beads and design projects. I also created jewelry samples for project ideas, taught customers how to attach findings, made jewelry repairs, designed customized jewelry for customer gifts, and hosted customer diy jewelry parties. 
- I only stopped working at the beadshop to focus on grad school. Otherwise, I would probably still be in there playing. I loved it!